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Profile: Suryamitra Apurup Yamujala

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Suryamitra Apurup
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November 6, 2018
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Passionate about creating a eco-friendly world and reducing the usage of human's energy by collaborating the advanced technologies with natural environment. Passionate about nuances of entrepreneurship and impacting people's lives by adding quality to their lives and improving their lifestyles. Graduated with a Master's in Chemical Engineering. I am actively looking for full-time positions in process simulation, modeling, development and high performance computing. My research focused on including high performance solvers and preconditioners (hypre library) to a legacy CFD code named MFIX (Multiphase Flow with Interphase Exchanges) extensively used by National Energy Technology Laboratory. Execute the strong and weak scaling behavior of MFIX interfaced with hypre and compare with scaling behavior of MFIX standalone. Our project is funded by DOE and we are in collaboration with a research team at University of North Dakota who are involved in integration of MFIX with PETSC (Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation). Currently continuing the same work and solving more challenging CFD problems by using our developed code to run more complex simulations like Circulating Fluidized Bed etc. Significant internship experiences at Invensys (Schneider Electric but now AVEVA) and Arizona State University. These experiences allowed me to develop critical skills in the area of Process Simulation & Development and medical devices. A problem solver, quick learner, willing to go the extra mile to achieve goals of team and self with a forward-thinking attitude and mindset. I live by this motto: "Success is determined by how many are better off because you lived" Here's my personal website providing more information about my work and my life: