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Problem with obtaining perfect Parabolic velocity profile in pipe flow

In Hagen Poiseuille's Flow challenge through a pipe in openFoam, i'm facing a problem in computing the velocity profile.
I have attached the plots of the velocity profile that i obtained. As you can see from the plots that i get a glitch (highlighted in yellow) near the centre in the profile.
Further when i try to obtain the profile across the whole diameter of the pipe, applying the reflect transform, then i observe that there is no glitch(thus matching the perfect parabolic profile) in the reflected side of the results which is unusual.
I have also attached my blockMeshDict and initial and boundary conditions file. Can you please help me pinpoint the error or explain what am i doing wrong.
Thank you
Uploaded files:

@utkarsh-garg: I will look into the case setup and try to come up with a solution to fix it.