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Welcome to the class!

Hi All,

This is Sarang! I am one of the founders of Skill Lync. I am quite happy to have all of you be part of this class. Mr Sushanth KP is the primary instructor for this course. Please let us know about your background and what is it that you are expecting to gain out of this course.


Hello Sir,

My name is Aditya Sinha, I am in my final year of Mechanical at NERIST (Arunachal Pradesh).

This course is really important for me as in I have a great interest in computational mechanics and in the automotive sector. As per my view, it is a perfectly designed course for providing a better insight and covering both aspects. I expect to have a much transparent understanding and get the software to my fingers. Moreover, I want to pursue my higher studies in the above field mentioned and really expect this course to provide me with a base to proceed.



Hello everyone,

This is Ashish Karande (ashkar) .

It will be very helpful for all of us , if you can make one video on 'How to use the site".

Hello sir,

My name is Tushar. I am in BE mechanical Engineering 3rd year student. As from starting I have slightly more interest in designing and analysing. So that whenever I get a chance to learn a designing or a analysing software I give my best in that and try to get more more from that software. And also not even I learn that but also implement in my college project. So learning this software also give me chance to explore my self in another new field. I want to make my career in research and development in core mechanical industry.

Hi Everyone,

I am Chandramouli Duraivelan. I am in my final year of my UG studies in Mechanical Engineering. I was and am always interested in analysis of Cars. I plan to pursue my higher studies in germany and this course would definitely provide a foundation for my passion in automotive field. Industries have started to recruit cross-platform engineers. This course would also launch my career in the path I desire.

Hi All,

I am Lijo John. I am a Design Engineer with 2 years of experience in Automotive CAE domain, Over the years I have worked in Crash, Strength and Durability Studies of Cars and Trucks, I joined this course to get theoretical as well as tool knowledge in MBD and use it in vehicle dynamics studies.